Short purple dress with a single skirt


Short purple dress with a single skirt


Stretch fabDressrics that are lightweight do not make most fabrics lightweight. Suitable for summer home, we have wrinkles easily. But easy to iron soft cotton, not hot, no fabric, no irritating, no shrinkage, resistant to wearing, elegant look for white people in all situations


Size S: Size Bust (Bust): 34 Waist (Waist): 26 Hips (Hips): 36 Set length (length): 39   Size M: Size Bust (Bust): 36 Waist (Waist): 30 Hips (Hips): 38 Set length (length): 39 Size: L Size Bust (Bust): 38 Waist (Waist): 32 Hips (Hips): 40. Set length (length): 39 Size: XL Size Bust (Bust): 40 Waist (Waist): 34 Hips (Hips): 42 Set length (length): 38

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