PARIS SUNDAY Women’s Bottom Flounce Lace Slip Dress


PARIS SUNDAY Women’s Bottom Flounce Lace Slip Dress


The costumes are suitable for formal occasions. Like party Meet the adults. Full uniform Including shoes It is a formal clothing. For dinner party For girls, shopping is a couple. Especially when looking for a dress to wear a set. It is something that must be met by the other. Because to find a favorite is not easy, right? But it is better if we have to plan before going to buy a dress

Type of dress

  1. Short dresses are dresses that are skirts on the knee. Or above the knee
  2. Long dresses are dresses that skirt men at the knees. And some sets may reach the ankle.
  3. Dress cute is a cute dress for sweet girl.
  4. Dress fashion is a fashion style dress, which is new, mostly trendy in Korea.
  5. Dress Sea Bubble is a dress made of C-foam well. Should be lined because the fabric is very thin bubble


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