Long Sleeve Shoulder Dress


Long Sleeve Shoulder Dress


The ideal outfit for formal occasions. Like party Adult Meetings Full uniform Including shoes It is a formal clothing. For party dinner For girls, shopping is a couple. Especially when looking for a dress to wear a set. It is something that must be met by the other. Because to find a favorite is not easy, right? But it would be better if we had to plan ahead to buy a dress


Size S: Size Bust (Bust): 34 Waist (Waist): 26 Hips (Hips): 36 Set length (length): 39   Size M: Size Bust (Bust): 36 Waist (Waist): 30 Hips (Hips): 38 Set length (length): 39 Size: L Size Bust (Bust): 38 Waist (Waist): 32 Hips (Hips): 40. Set length (length): 39 Size: XL Size Bust (Bust): 40 Waist (Waist): 34 Hips (Hips): 42 Set length (length): 38

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