Lark & Ro Women’s Dresses Long-Sleeve Wrap


Lark & Ro Women’s Dresses Long-Sleeve Wrap


Dress is like a dress or it looks like a similar meaning. Dress is from English. Which means that the costumes, dresses, skirts, dresses that are understood today is a skirt, but the fact is that both the skirt and trousers are a word that the Thai people call it. But today it is called a dress. However, dresses and dresses have a very similar meaning. It is convenient, but it will be


Size S: Size Bust (Bust): 34 Waist (Waist): 26 Hips (Hips): 36 set length (length): 39

Size M:

Size Bust (Bust): 36 Waist (Waist): 30 Hips (Hips): 38 set length (length): 39

Size: L

Size Bust (Bust): 38 Waist (Waist): 32 Hips (Hips): 40 set length (length): 39

Size: XL

Size Bust (Bust): 40 Waist (Waist): 34 Hips (Hips): 42 set length (length): 38


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